How to make money with Amazon niche sites

This year, it’s been 22 years since Amazon launched its affiliate program that changed the way e-commerce companies came to customers.

Affiliate marketing can be seen as an advanced and perfect version of a marketing agency. If I was a classic marketing agency, and I was hired by a sales company, then I would have a lot of problems that agencies usually have with their clients: you have to persuade them to give you money for a campaign, to deal with them with some things that they do not understand, that they bring back creative solutions hundreds of times because they do not like something, that you wait for somebody to pity to approve something, and so on. In short, it’s a cave age compared to affiliate marketing.

In affiliate marketing, you never have to saywords to the company which you cooperate with, you do not have to drink coffee with them and to persuade them to give you money. You just sign up as their affiliate, do the campaign the way you want, create interesting content on the web and send them a visit that is converted for sale. They send you a check every month that you’ve earned, and that’s it. You literally never even met someone from the company with which you are cooperating and which sends you money. Since you do not have to wait for their opinions, approvals,and changes, your marketing activity takes place ten times faster than in a classic agency, and your head never hurts.

However, in practice, if an affiliate marketer comes to some level to make a huge amount of money, then most often he contacts and realizes people from the firm he recommends, first of all to negotiate some better conditions and higher percentages of earnings, but he is still 100% independent in designing a campaign.

This is the purest form of marketing: If you know that you are creating content and campaigns that will make sales, you have earnings, if your campaign is bad, then you will not earn anything.

Amazon yearly runs billions through its online sales. It is entangled throughout the world. Yarada through Amazon is very simple, all that is needed is that someone goes to Amazon through your link and orders a product, and you get a percentage of it. In the beginning, this is 4%, but it increases over time to 8.5%, which is even more than excellent.

In order to start earning as an Amazon affiliate marketer,first of all, you need to open an account at

When Amazon approves your account go to, to learn about how to begin and successfully maintain your Amazon affiliate marketing business.

After completing the initial steps, you need to create a separate tracking ID for each of your sites so you can track where your clicks and sales come from. Of course, each account must create a unique tracking ID because each of your links will contain your tracking ID number. Here you can add them to

Now get back to the home page that looks like this.

Three things are important to you. We are moving to the left:

  1. Where your tracking ID is located, and whenever you start with a new project, always create a special tracking ID, select it and you are ready to generate your affiliate links for the products you want to sell.
  2. After that, you can enter the desired product on Amazon, in the “address bar” located in the middle of the screen, the name of that product, or its unique ASIN / ISBN (which is mainly found in the details section for a specific product). When you enter a name or ASIN / ISBN of the product, if Amazon has an affiliate offer, it will give you that and if it is a product name similar to it.

Where youenter the name of the product “Baume & Mercier Men’s 8688 Classima Executives Automatic Silver Dial Watch”, then click on “Get link” and below will appear that product, and then click again on the “get link”, but the one that stands by that product and open a small pop-up window where you generated this affiliate link, which looks like this:

If you pay attention, you will see that at the end of the link tracking ID is “coftabbla-20”.

  1. The third part of the Amazon Affiliate Program, located on the right, serves to see reports on the number of clicks, orders and sent products, to see how much you’ve earned. (Amazon updates the earnings report every day, it’s about 13 o’clock in our day, but it’s sometimes late).

Of course, everybody does this to earn some extra money, and when it comes to getting paid from Amazon, they’re a big company and you will not have any trouble with them for billing.

Is this a long-term business?

The real question is whether all this can endlessly and develop as a business. The answer is “maybe”, but it’s always better to use the money that you earn from affiliate marketing to run your own product in that area, to have your brand because you are the “first hand” and you can decide everything.

There is a wide range of affiliate businesses on the Internet, once you enter the depth you will find a variety of examples, and you will see that each has its own logic, tailored to the target group and product.

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