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The internet as we know is expanding at an explosive rate, everyday new websites are being built and every website takes up space on search engines and because of this boom, search engine optimization is becoming more and more important. We at rajabsoft can help you optimize your website to your taste and to make it visible in desired search engines of your choice. We optimize your website in such a way that the engine can make it fall into a category you want it to put it in and we do all this while staying in your budget.

So the question remains that how do we go about the process of search engine optimization?

First we sit down with you and get information about your company, its vision, mission and what the goal of the company is, with this we also study the industry your company falls in and your competition is scrutinized in the process too. After this is done we work on your website it to optimize it according to your business; we make needed changes to your websites core structure and optimize the code to increase the speed of the page as well. Once we do this we move to work on the most important part of the site; the content and the keywords used.

It is highly important the right keywords are used to make sure that the appropriate target market is touched.

We update the content on your website to remove the boring and repelling content on the site and put engaging and interesting content relevant to your business in there so as to keep the visitors hooked to your website and keep them there for longer periods of time. Once the process is done, we put all our projects through a rigorous testing period before they are presented to the client so that the website is optimized down to the code and all irrelevant content is removed.